Hello [DEITIES] World — Placeholder Post

Teni’s Notes: Hi All! Feel free to disregard this post, it’s partially to add a first entry to the blog, and to also add a bunch of DEITIES tags so visitors don’t see a misleading “Page Not Found” message for all the characters 😂

I may update this with more content though, but for now here’s some meta data…

TAGS (ABC-Order)

NOTE: A good bulk of these tags are still empty, save for this placeholder post–


(This will fill up once I think of relevant categories)

UPDATE || A Shift In Scope (Archived from Tumblr)

Teni’s Notes: This is both a test post for a few blog categories, and a way to archive my original announcement from February 2020, regarding the project’s shift in scope. The format and original copy will be preserved here to share additional context from the Introduction page, and for posterity.

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