Deities of Duat is the title of my visual storytelling project. The general premise of Deities of Duat is exploring the world and perspectives of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, and their relationship dynamics among each other. The main storyline focuses on the Egyptian God of Chaos, Set; his relationships with his family and other deities; and his role in combating a fictional crisis, that takes place centuries after his defeat during The Contendings [of Horus and Set].

DEITIES Project” or “DEITIES” is my catch-all, shorthand term for the development and overall content of this storytelling project. It refers to the Deities of Duat storyline, world, and visual development, but also includes bonus artwork, side stories, mini comics, Q&A, and additional content featuring the larger cast of characters.


I’m Teni Coker / “TeniCola,” an artist, designer, and visual storyteller who enjoys exploring character designs. In addition to developing DEITIES Project, I also manage a Character Portfolio + Blog where I organize my growing roster of original characters. More examples of my artwork can also be found in my Art Portfolio and on my other media accounts.

If you enjoy my work and DEITIES Project, please consider supporting me and following my progress online! You can also find additional sketches and WIPs on my Ko-fi profile.


Initially planned as a long-format webcomic, the scope of DEITIES Project has since been revisited and shifted — to better accommodate my life, and to encompass more than just the “end game” of completing the long form story. Instead, the gradual process of developing the project, characters, and world-building lore has become the main ongoing focus.

I still have a desire to tell the full storyline for DEITIES one day, in a visual format that I’ll determine works best. But this development and consideration will remain quiet — the way it was originally meant to be — while I indulge in creating the type of content I enjoy and that I’m excited to share with others.

This is what DEITIES Project is ultimately meant to be — a project with room to continually grow, explore, and experiment with, in an comfortable and engaging way.


As an extension to the project’s shift in scope, this website serves as a key investment in this new direction. While not intended to replace the project’s tumblr for updates, the website is meant to accomplish a few goals that include (but are not limited to):

  • Acting as the “central archive” for all things DEITIES, and linking to other media accounts.
  • Refocusing more attention on designing and developing the cast of Egyptian gods.
  • Presenting world-building notes in a cleaner layout, that’s easier to navigate and maintain.
  • Organizing useful resources for the project, and for others to reference.
  • Experimenting with different types of site-building and blogging content.
  • [SEALED] — Referring to other ideas in the works that will remain TBD…

At this time, the DEITIES Project website is in a soft launch — accessible, but still under construction. Published content can be found in the menu and [upcoming] Navigation page, and new additions will be made gradually until the site is ready for a formal launch and announcement.

MAIN PAGES: Characters, World-building Notes, Setting & Plot Notes, and Fun & Extras


The main storyline for DEITIES leans towards mythological + fantasy genre, with plenty of room for action, adventure, humor, and drama. Depending on the context, additional side stories and events may explore scenarios that can range from heavy to light-hearted.

The primary content for DEITIES Project is planned to be “safe for work” — as in, nothing super explicit or obscene — but there remains potential for some elements that may advise discretion. These elements may include mild-to-strong language, crude humor, alcohol and drug references, violence, and suggestive or implied themes.

With this in mind, DEITIES project may be best-suited for a 14+ audience, due to some heavier themes that may be explored. Content warnings will be considered and added to posts as necessary, but any visitors navigating the website must use their own discretion.

And as a last reminder, please understand that this is a personal project that I develop in my limited free time. I’m grateful for all my support from my audience, and I look forward to engaging and sharing more from the DEITIES world, but I’m also human and I have boundaries; I reserve the right to disengage with those who will not respect them.

Any and all information and policies on this website are subject to change. Deities of Duat / “DEITIES Project” story, designs, and artwork © TeniCola.