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This page includes some suggested ways to help support and promote DEITIES project, as well as special thanks to all of those who have offered their support thus far.


Deities of Duat and DEITIES Project are being developed with the intent of sharing the story online, in a free-to-access manner. It’s a story meant for those who are interested in the characters from Egyptian mythology and exploring their stories, and it’s a story I’m excited to share with as many people as I can.

However, my ability to invest time for my artwork and characters often remains limited, because I currently work full time and have other responsibilities. And while DEITIES Project continues to be my creative priority, its development pace remains restricted to much of my free time.

For these reasons, gathering an audience of people who are genuinely interested in following DEITIES project — as well as supporting its development — is a very important goal for me, and I truly appreciate the interest that everyone has offered me thus far. The more support DEITIES project gains overtime, the more quality content can be developed at a more regular pace, and the closer the project will get to producing the comic for the main story!


Those who are willing to offer their monetary support may visit my Ko-fi page to make a small, one-time donation, which helps support my artwork and creative progress, including development with DEITIES Project!

My current plan is to occasionally post WIPs and progress shots on my public Ko-fi feed, and my eventual goal will be to offer occasional incentives as thank-you gifts for every donation — which may include things like digital sketchbooks, visual notes, sample .SAI/.PSD files, and early comic pages for DEITIES. As of now, the frequency of said incentives is still to be determined as I experiment with creating content and adjust to Ko-fi’s platform. More details regarding any rewards or goals will be posted on the Ko-Fi page.

With this option in mind, I want to clarify that I have no intention in restricting key project content behind a paywall. I still aim to share much of the story and its development to everyone interested in following along, but any offered donations are greatly appreciated!

Support me on ko-fi.com


As a response to those who have asked, here are a few suggested ways to offer support to DEITIES Project. While monetary donations are great, the following suggestions are other ways to effectively support and promote DEITIES projects. Like donations, no one is ever obligated to use these suggestions, but they’ll help me gather the attention and feedback needed to update the project, and I’ll truly appreciate the effort from anyone who can help!

REBLOGS — One of the best ways to help support DEITIES project on tumblr is by reblogging its content! +Likes are greatly appreciated, but reblogs are an effective way to share artwork and information about the project, and to help promote the project to others who may be interested.

COMMENTS / COMMENTARY — Comments and added commentary are another great way to show support for the project; I enjoy reading these thoughtful comments, and they can help promote interest and encourage dialogue with others (tag commentary are perfectly fine as well!)

OTHER MEDIA — While tumblr is the main platform for DEITIES project, updates are also shared on its other media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, CuriousCat, and Spotify, including some special content not shared on the blog. Following these accounts are another good way to give support, and they can all be found on the project’s placeholder site, deitiesofduat.com site.

MEDIA SHARING — It’s absolutely encouraged to share content from the project’s blog through other media sites, particularly those well tailored for sharing. Feel free to share direct links to the blog and individual posts (however, please mind the FAQs and do not repost the artwork unsourced / without permission, thanks!). Sharing the project thru word of mouth, or with friends who might be interested, is great too!

FANWORK / DEITIES OCs — To reiterate my original response from the FAQs, I absolutely appreciate fanwork and gifts for DEITIES Project. I also encourage those who’d like to engage in DEITIES verse using your own characters, existing or newly-created — just review the World-building notes and the DEITIES OCs tag on my personal blog for ideas! Both fanwork and characters can also be a great way to help support and promote the project to others.

[ Note: Should anyone has other ideas in mind that you would like to consider to offer support, feel free to contact the blog or my personal blog, @teninini, to offer what you have in mind! Also please contact me if you notice anyone who may be misusing my artwork, thank you! ]


DEITIES Project may still be a large work-in-progress, but I still want to extend some overdue thank yous to those who have been helping it along thus far.

Very special thanks are extended to several of my amazing friends, who directly help me with crafting and drafting the story for DEITIES project since its early inception; and continue to help me with advice and moral support to this day. Additional thanks go to my other friends and family who have expressed their interest in me and my artwork; have offered their support and encouragement as I manage my project; and who continually inspire me with their own crafts. You guys should know who you are, and you are ALL amazing people and creators!!

More special thanks to my instructors and classmates from The Oatley Academy. They’ve helped me so much with allowing me to improve my storytelling; have provided great feedback while I craft my story for DEITIES; and have continuously inspired me with their own amazing ideas and stories. All of my classmates are amazing storytellers and I enjoy watching their progress with their own projects! I also highly recommend this class to others as well!

Finally, a HUGE thank you to all the visitors and followers of DEITIES Project. I truly appreciate those who have expressed their interest and enthusiasm for this project; who have offered their support through likes, reblogs, comments, and donations; and who have otherwise engaged with the characters and upcoming story. Your interest and support continually motivate me to do my best with developing and preparing to share this story — thank you all so much!!!

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