UPDATE || New Year Reflections for DEITIES Project

Teni’s Notes: This is a bit of an experimental blog post, in addition to being the first of the new year — so the format and content may be subject to changes.

Saying that 2021 was a challenging year would be an understatement, and it seems evident that the difficulties from 2020 had carried over and never quite ended.

I’ll spare a lengthy exposition of how exhausted I’ve felt this year — physically, mentally, and creatively. But like my other peers, I’m trying to remember to be kinder to myself, and to acknowledge the progress I did make — not least of which was returning to some tangible progress with my ongoing DEITIES Project and rekindling my own excitement for the project.

When I try to work on New Years reflections, I’ve struggled to summarize everything I’ve gotten to this year, and to pin down the goals I have for the next. Perhaps the best way to do this would be to condense my project-related goals in a post, and revisit any that are worth expanding throughout the year.

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UPDATE || A Shift In Scope (Archived from Tumblr)

Teni’s Notes: This is both a test post for a few blog categories, and a way to archive my original announcement from February 2020, regarding the project’s shift in scope. The format and original copy will be preserved here to share additional context from the Introduction page, and for posterity.

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