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UPDATE || New Tracks for the DEITIES Cast (JUNE ’22 Edition)

Teni’s Notes: Another experimental blog post after a long while. Just like the last entry from the start of the year, the format and content may be subject to changes.

Hi all, it’s been some time! Progress on the DEITIES website has been moving at a slower pace so I can address other non-project priorities, but I still have goals in mind to keep things updated. Some will need to remain on standby for a bit until I catch up elsewhere, but I felt like indulging in something new while completing one of my usual routines — updating the playlists on the DEITIES Project Spotify Account.

Without delving into too many details, updating the playlists for DEITIES Project is something I have to set aside time for — even more so now that I have the Playlists and Tracklists pages to update. It always involves re-listening to tracks I’ve saved “for review,” and deciding if they fit any characters for their playlist.

I usually don’t think much about this, because sorting new tracks is something I can do while I draw or do other non-intensive tasks. But something that always concerns me is whether the new tracks are ever discovered by visitors. Many of the songs I add are gems I happened across and want to share, but I don’t imagine it’s easy to find the new additions if others don’t know what to look for, or which playlists they’re in.

Thus, this blog post is meant to help address that! Consider this my indulgent attempt at bringing attention to some of the new tracks for the DEITIES Cast and their respective playlists; and at making it easier to sample their lyrics and audio on the same page — individually, or all together. If you enjoy discovering new music, or want to learn more tidbits about the cast, feel free to read further — and perhaps grab a set of headphones if you’d like to listen along!

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UPDATE || New Year Reflections for DEITIES Project

Teni’s Notes: This is a bit of an experimental blog post, in addition to being the first of the new year — so the format and content may be subject to changes.

Saying that 2021 was a challenging year would be an understatement, and it seems evident that the difficulties from 2020 had carried over and never quite ended.

I’ll spare a lengthy exposition of how exhausted I’ve felt this year — physically, mentally, and creatively. But like my other peers, I’m trying to remember to be kinder to myself, and to acknowledge the progress I did make — not least of which was returning to some tangible progress with my ongoing DEITIES Project and rekindling my own excitement for the project.

When I try to work on New Years reflections, I’ve struggled to summarize everything I’ve gotten to this year, and to pin down the goals I have for the next. Perhaps the best way to do this would be to condense my project-related goals in a post, and revisit any that are worth expanding throughout the year.

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Hello [DEITIES] World — Placeholder Post

Teni’s Notes: Hi All! Feel free to disregard this post, it’s partially to add a first entry to the blog, and to also add a bunch of DEITIES tags so visitors don’t see a misleading “Page Not Found” message for all the characters 😂

I may update this with more content though, but for now here’s some meta data…

TAGS (ABC-Order)

NOTE: A good bulk of these tags are still empty, save for this placeholder post–


(This will fill up once I think of relevant categories)

UPDATE || A Shift In Scope (Archived from Tumblr)

Teni’s Notes: This is both a test post for a few blog categories, and a way to archive my original announcement from February 2020, regarding the project’s shift in scope. The format and original copy will be preserved here to share additional context from the Introduction page, and for posterity.

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