UPDATE || New Tracks for the DEITIES Cast (JUNE ’22 Edition)

Teni’s Notes: Another experimental blog post after a long while. Just like the last entry from the start of the year, the format and content may be subject to changes.

Hi all, it’s been some time! Progress on the DEITIES website has been moving at a slower pace so I can address other non-project priorities, but I still have goals in mind to keep things updated. Some will need to remain on standby for a bit until I catch up elsewhere, but I felt like indulging in something new while completing one of my usual routines — updating the playlists on the DEITIES Project Spotify Account.

Without delving into too many details, updating the playlists for DEITIES Project is something I have to set aside time for — even more so now that I have the Playlists and Tracklists pages to update. It always involves re-listening to tracks I’ve saved “for review,” and deciding if they fit any characters for their playlist.

I usually don’t think much about this, because sorting new tracks is something I can do while I draw or do other non-intensive tasks. But something that always concerns me is whether the new tracks are ever discovered by visitors. Many of the songs I add are gems I happened across and want to share, but I don’t imagine it’s easy to find the new additions if others don’t know what to look for, or which playlists they’re in.

Thus, this blog post is meant to help address that! Consider this my indulgent attempt at bringing attention to some of the new tracks for the DEITIES Cast and their respective playlists; and at making it easier to sample their lyrics and audio on the same page — individually, or all together. If you enjoy discovering new music, or want to learn more tidbits about the cast, feel free to read further — and perhaps grab a set of headphones if you’d like to listen along!

All New Updated Tracks — June 2022

For anyone who’s just here to listen to new music — regardless of the context or which mixes they’ve been placed in — I’ve created this special playlist for this blog post that lists all 24 tracks, in a rough ABC order.

As mentioned on the site’s Playlists page, you can listen to a 30-second sample of each track within your browser, even without a Spotify account.

You’re also welcome to listen to the full album with your Spotify account in a new window or the app. Since this was a larger list this run, you can definitely pace yourself, or pick or choose what suits you.

This playlist will remain unlisted on Spotify, but I’ll intend to keep it accessible here within the blog post for anyone who needs it. That said, the best option is to save or jot down any tracks you like.


NOTE: Several of these tracks have explicit and/or sensitive lyrics, and I didn’t censor the profanity from the sample lyrics that have them — please use your discretion with reading or listening to any tracks in this post.

The remainder of this post will highlight each track to sample individually. I’ll also add some brief commentary about my reasons for adding them as themes for the DEITIES cast, just for some additional fun… and perhaps, potential story lore? Who knows ✨

Track 01 || Appetite for Destruction – Vo Williams

Show me your villainous ways
Show me the killer's awake
Make me afraid
That's how you bring me to life
Make the adrenaline race
I want a taste

I feel my rage erupting
Feed my appetite for destruction
Blood rushing
I love when
You feed my appetite for destruction
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Vo-williams-appetite-for-destruction-lyrics

This was one of several songs I had considered for Set independently, but since I was working against his 100-track cap, I added it to his joint mix with Sekhmet.

This song’s energy definitely leans more towards Set, especially the vocals, but the motifs and the lyrics’ mention of rage and blood also work well for the wrathful lioness. Set and Sekhmet are both known for their destructive tendencies in the myths, even if for different reasons.



Track 02 || Bad Nature – Nerv

We play this game of kill or compromise
With crooked aim, you shoot between the eyes
We want it, we need it, but we can’t outrun the feeling
So here we stay, in pieces for the prize [...] 

Can’t fake it ‘til I make it
Someone say what it is I need ‘cause
I’m jaded and I hate it
I believe, I believe
This mess of me is the me you want to see, yeah
I can’t fake it, fucking face it
You and me are just bad nature
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Nerv-bad-nature-lyrics

I really wanted to give this track to someone and feature it in a mix, and decided it fit best on Set and Horus’s MasterIist.

This is a track where I stretch the literal meaning of the lyrics to suit the characters, because the implied meaning is a touch intimate. However, it wouldn’t be the first on Set and Horus’s mix, and I think the song helps highlight how stubbornly at odds they are with each other.



Track 03 || Burn It All Down – League of Legends; PVRIS

Keep talking, keep laughing
One day you'll wish you hadn't
All the people want fire, fire
Maybe it's time they meet their dragon [...]

'Cause if I gotta
Bu-bu-burn it all down
Then we'll burn it all down
My oh my look at who ends up bigger this time
And if I gotta
B-b-break it all down
Then let's break it all down
Bye, bye, bye
Playing with fire
And we'll burn it all down
Lyrics: https://genius.com/League-of-legends-and-pvris-burn-it-all-down-lyrics

It’s been a while since I’ve found a new song that resonates with Sekhmet, but this track felt like a good one to add to her main mix.

Granted, I don’t think most people would mistake Sekhmet as delicate or dare to underestimate her power — she exudes fearsome strength even in the original myths. But since she is the Goddess of Fire in DEITIES, any motifs that refer to flames and burning are something I like to consider including.



Track 04 || Call My Name – Lukas Graham

It's true, time can get the best of us
And we just never seem to havе enough
But you don't have to fight all thesе fights all on your own
And if life ever gets too much, you can always come home

So if you need a friend
Someone to hold your hand
Call my name
And I won't be far away
Don't matter when or where
Just know that I'll be right there
Call my name
'Cause I won't be far away
Just call my name
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Lukas-graham-call-my-name-lyrics

This is a nice song that I thought would fit well on the joint mix for Anubis and Horus, as it matches other tracks on their playlist with a similar tone.

The two cousins share a brotherly bond, and helping each other through their struggles is a theme I like to reference in the project, as well as their playlist. For this track, the ‘speaker’ could be either of them offering to support the other.



Track 05 || DONT WANT IT – Lil Nas X

I wanted fame and I wanted riches
Wanted happiness, wanted forgiveness
Started focusin' on all these wishes
Crazy how this shit come to fruition

I've done things in my past I'm sorry for, so please don't hold me
Old people in my life should know that I am not the old me

If I say so, know they gon' ride
I know G's and you know they ain't nice
If I pop up, I'ma want it, but I get by
Tell the devil I can't have him inside
Tell the reaper he don't want it, he don't want it
Oh, I know everything's gonna be alright [...]
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Lil-nas-x-dont-want-it-lyrics

I know this track is very specific to the artist, but the first time I heard its second verse, I felt it could easily fit Montu.

I’ve hinted, but haven’t fully explored, how Montu was far more egotistical and overly-competitive “centuries ago” than he is now — to the point of belittling some of his rivals — before he got some well-needed reality checks that made him self-reflect. He still has an ego (and his playlist reflects this), but has a more improved outlook and behavior with his other divine peers.



Track 06 || Face In The Dark – City Wolf; Panther

Blowin' around like a winter storm
The fires of hell, they couldn't keep me warm
I'm no savior I'm a lonely soul
Where I'm going heaven only knows [...]

[...] It's a dark day
Better forget what you used to know
It's a war outside
Ain't no fallin' asleep in the storm
I was born to outlive, outlast
Break through the glass
I got 3000 ancestors standin' behind my back
Ten toes on the ground
Drink it all, even if it burns goin' down
Built to swim with the sharks
When your time comes you gon' see my face in the dark
Lyrics: https://genius.com/City-wolf-face-in-the-dark-lyrics

Firstly, I give props to my friend Jinkz (jinkzdraws @ twitter) for introducing me to this song, the rhythm goes very hard and became a fast favorite. Which is part of the reason I was eager to add this track to Set and Sobek’s joint mix.

Aside from the strong build-up and percussive beat, the boasting-style lyrics and taunting are something I can easily attribute to Set and Sobek, based on their status as some of the strongest warrior gods in the pantheon.



Track 07 || Ghost – Justin Bieber

Youngblood thinks there's always tomorrow
I miss your touch some nights when I'm hollow
I know you crossed a bridge that I can't follow
Since the love that you left is all that I get, I want you to know

That if I can't be close to you, I'll settle for the ghost of you
I miss you more than life (More than life)
And if you can't be next to me, your memory is ecstasy
I miss you more than life, I miss you more than life
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Justin-bieber-ghost-lyrics

I haven’t added a track to Set and Nephthys’s playlist in some time, but the motifs in this song suit them and their strained relationship a little too well. Particularly during part of the backstory when they’re separated during Set’s exile.

The lyrics are clearly metaphorical, but it emphasizes the physical and circumstantial distance between the two. Also, I like adding songs for this pairing that give a glimpse of Set’s deeper feelings for his wife, and how much he truly missed Nephthys while they were apart.



Track 08 || Gladiator – Zayde Wølf

I'ma give you a second just to catch your breath
'Cause I can see that your heart is jumpin' out your chest
I know you gave it all, 'cause I've already seen your best
It is time you accepted this

Gladiator, gladiator, gladiator
Picked a fight with the gods I'm the giant slayer
Boneshaker, dominator
Freight train, wrecking ball, I'm the gladiator
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Zayde-wolf-gladiator-lyrics

Because of the [self-imposed] 100-track limit for Set and his masterlist, I have to be a lot more selective about any new songs I add (or replace) for him. This track finally won me over for the overall strong rhythm, but also for its very suitable lyrics.

In the original myths, Set is known undisputedly as one of the strongest — if not THE strongest — of the gods, as well as one of the most destructive when he wants to be. While I try to balance him out in DEITIES, he has the confidence and experience in combat to match this bold claim.



Track 09 || Goddess – Krewella; NERVO; Raja Kumari

Yes, I'm high, I'm mighty, righteous
I'm an all-black, fair trade diamond
Might fuck around and buy myself an island
Flippin' the script, so, let's go
Got my own damn swag, no stylist
Thirty thousand, I'm still climbing
Getting high on all this flyness
Don't need to flex, I lay low [...]

Oh-na-na-na, hold it down
You got that crown, baby, don't give it up now
Oh-na-na-na, say it loud
Runnin' that shit like a goddess
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Krewella-and-nervo-goddess-lyrics

Whenever I come across a good female empowerment song — especially one that features multiple artists and vocals — I like to consider it for the Daughters of Ra (Bastet, Serqet, Hathor, Mafdet, and Sekhmet, as a group) and their masterlist.

There’s not much more to add aside from saying this track checks all the boxes for being a great success / flexing anthem, and having an infectious beat that’s fun to listen to.



Track 10 || I FEEL IT – Jon Bellion; Burna Boy

I feel it in your energy
When did my close friend just become an enemy?
Oh-oh, oh-oh
I feel the heavy all around
If you feel it right there, maybe you should air it out
Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh

We were young, now bliss doesn't come around
This is a way I feel and my heart, it can't take no more
'Cause all that I know is

I feel it
You ain't got to say one word to me, one word
Because I feel it, I feel it
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Jon-bellion-i-feel-it-lyrics

I had to listen to this track a few times to figure out if it fit any of the cast, and after reviewing the lyrics, I realized it works quite well for Set and Osiris.

I wouldn’t say that the brothers were especially close in their youth in DEITIES, but they had their moments of understanding. I also feel that Osiris generally knew how Set ticked, emotionally; he could likely read his brother well, and would realize when the other was upset or acting passive-aggressively. And while Osiris might want to resolve things peacefully, convincing Set to confide or talk things over is another matter entirely.



Track 11 || I Feel Good – Pitbull; Anthony Watts; DJ White Shadow

I got a pocket full of hundred dollar bills
Put on a jacket 'cause these diamonds give you chills
Two shots, I'm running
Two and I'm stunning tonight, tonight (Yeah)
Look in the mirror, I'm like who the hell is hе?
So many whips and cribs, I'm losing track of keys
Ooh, up to something
Ooh yeah, I lovе it alright, alright

Yeah-yeah, I'm drinking out the bottle
Hanging with supermodels
Feel like I've hit the lotto

I don't know about you, but I feel good
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Pitbull-i-feel-good-lyrics

This is another one of those, well, “feel-good” boasting songs that I like to add to masterlists like Set and Sobek’s.

The lyrics are exaggerated for them, but they work as a nod to the two and their devil-may-care days of having as much fun as they wanted — at least, outside of their divine duties. Even in the current storyline, Set and Sobek are both still down for indulging in drinking, parties, and an overall good time.



Track 12 || Killer – CHVRCHES

I lost myself, my mental health
Yeah, on a broken carousel
Spun down to hell
How far we fell
Maybe just as well
The stones we throw, they told me so
Yeah, it was death by stereo
When they dealt the final blow
Nowhere to go

I turned into a killer, I'm insane
I'll cry you a river down the drain
Are you entertained?
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Chvrches-killer-lyrics

It took a few listens to attribute this song to Sekhmet and add it to her playlist — and, in slight extension, to her joint mix with Set, as well.

The motifs of becoming a killer in the lyrics are metaphorical, but the references to mental health and self-control are something I’ve wanted to explore with both Sekhmet and Set at some point. This track isn’t the first reference for Sekhmet, though I attribute this subject to any trauma she’d experienced after nearly slaying all of humanity. The myths make it seem like she recovered quickly, but I’d like to think she sometimes self-reflects on her destructive wrath now and then.



Track 13 || Lay It On Me – Mickey Guyton

Slow dancing on a tight rope
Let your walls crash down
No, I ain’t trying to be your savior
But I’m right here
Oh, I’m right here

I want your good, your bad, your ugly
I want thе truth and all your lies
I want your perfectly impеrfect
Lay it on me tonight
I want the light that fills the darkness
Give me your heaven and your hell
I wanna show you that you’re worth it
Lay it on me tonight
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Mickey-guyton-lay-it-on-me-lyrics

I haven’t added any new tracks to the shared playlist for Horus and Hathor in a hot minute, but this song’s lyrics and vocals help highlight the dynamic between the pairing.

There are moments in the original myths where Hathor comforts and consoles Horus, which I’ve wanted to interpret for the DEITIES backstory — particularly when Horus is at his worst, and enduring a low point during The Contendings. There’s more nuance to what happens between them that I’ll explore another day, but Hathor remains one of a few who have seen Horus at his most vulnerable, yet accepts the young prince without reservation.



Track 14 || Let’s Get The Party Started – Tom Morello; Bring Me The Horizon

Now I'm trippin', where have I been?
I got a feelin' like I'm slippin', I'm on my knees
Just wanna run, will I ever, ever be free?
It's now or never, it's time to sink or swim

'Cause I'm going off the deep end, yeah, I'm drowning inside
And it doesn't feel important if I'm dead or I'm alive
Feeling fifty shades of fucked up, going out of my mind
I don't wanna face my demons so let's get the party started
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Tom-morello-lets-get-the-party-started-lyrics

Another track that won me over for Set — though admittedly, I had to give this serious thought regarding the message of the lyrics. The heavy, gritty rock sound and charged chorus were already fitting for Set, but the lyrics lean more “self-destructive” than what I usually choose for the prideful Chaos God.

I had to remind myself that Set’s masterlist already has a few songs that share this trait, to nod to the periods of his life — for example, during The Contendings — where he was self-destructive, out of his own deep frustrations.

I like the idea that being an agent of chaos facilitates the tendency to yo-yo between being on cloud nine at their highest, to loathing themselves at their lowest. Whether Set is self-aware about this, and/or in denial about this trait about himself, I’ll leave up to some interpretation.



Track 15 || Only Survivor – Vo Williams; Sam Tinnesz; RUSLAN

[...] Fight 'til the death, 'til the end of me
Give all I got, no facade, this is really me

I can feel the doubters pulling downward
I almost let 'em pull me out it, my vision clouded
But no surrender to these cowards, they get devoured
I lost my way and then I found it, I feel the power

Titanium in my veins
Might give but I won't break
Through the fire and pain
Watch me reign
I'll be the only survivor
Lyrics: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Vo-Williams-Sam-Tinnesz-RUSLAN/Only-Survivor

Another recommendation from my friend Jinkz that felt like a good fit for Set. But with the cap in mind for his masterlist, and the implication of a battle-to-the-death in the lyrics (even if one-sided), I decided it’d be better to add this track to his joint mix with Horus.

Several versions of the myths suggest that Horus and Set were meant to battle until one of them fell — sometimes it’s decisive, sometimes it’s a draw. In DEITIES, Horus is the decisive victor of The Contendings, and while Set was spared death for plot reasons™, there was a shared understanding that only one of them was meant to survive that duel.



Track 16 || Pandemonium – Masked Wolf

Nobody gon' faze me, nobody gon' push me
They treatin' the veteran like he a rookie
I'm turnin' the heat up, so let's get to cookin'
They takin' a risk like you playin' a bookie
Mission control, I'm calling you out
Kicking down doors, I'm up in your house
Mission control while you ain't around
Morse code when you feelin' in doubt

Pandеmonium, I need it
Out of orbit, ain't a weakness
The prеssure is real, they wantin' to kill
But I ain't gon' let 'em achieve it
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Masked-wolf-pandemonium-lyrics

Another song with boasting lyrics that give Set and Sobek vibes, so it wasn’t hard to place this track in their shared masterlist.

The lyrics kinda speak for themselves, but they serve as a nod to the two gods being veteran warriors, and how both Set and Sobek perform their best in the high-octane intensity of a good battle. Few lesser deities would dare to challenge either of them in serious combat — and the ones who do learn firsthand they wouldn’t get through the battle unscathed.



Track 17 || Phoenix – FPX; Chrissy Costanza

Cities asleep under my feet
Sea of a billion lights
I'm taking the leap out of this dream
Into the purple heights

It's clear there's not a better view
I'll strike the match and light the fuse

Set me on fire, so I can rise
From the demons I'm keeping inside my mind
Into the flames, all that remains
Is what I needed to keep on believing

Won't turn back, I'm a phoenix, phoenix
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Fpx-phoenix-lyrics

I wanted to apply this track to someone in the DEITIES cast, and finally settled on it being a good anthem for Isis in particular — granted, I added it to her shared mix with Nephthys, where admittedly some tracks fit one sister more than the other.

This song and its lyrics are a good reference to Isis when she had to gather her queenly poise and strength — despite processing her deep loss — during her pursuit of justice for her slain husband. The motif of a reincarnating phoenix also works for Isis and her time spent in hiding with her son, until she had the means to facilitate their revolution for the throne and divine kingdom that rightfully belonged to their family.



Track 18 || Razor’s Edge – Masked Wolf; X Ambassadors

I'm a one-man army, don't push me
Man, it's quite alarmin' that you haven't woken
Up to the fact that this Wolf bombardin'
Every little bit of your words ain't too charmin'
Hit 'em with a sleeper
While the Grim Reaper tryna take a peep of
What's inside my mind, can't keep goin'
A value so much, I'm in the ether, peace up

Pillow for my head when I go to sleep
Toast to the reaper when he come for me
I'm good, walkin' on a razor's edge 
I'm good, livin' like I'm already dead
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Masked-wolf-razors-edge-lyrics

Yet another song that I decided worked well for Set and Sobek — yes I know, they got a lot of new tracks this run, that’s just how it worked out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In any case, being the experienced warrior gods that they are, it’s well established that Set and Sobek both enjoy the adrenaline rush from high stakes battles. I don’t think the lyrics are meant to lean self-destructive though, but more along the line of those who enjoy the thrill of danger and risks.



Track 19 || Rhythm Nation – Janet Jackson

With music by our side to break the color lines
Let's work together to improve our way of life
Join voices in protest to social injustice
A generation full of courage, come forth with me

People of the world today
Are we looking for a better way of life?
We are a part of the rhythm nation
People of the world unite
Strength in numbers, we can get it right, one time
Sing it up!
We are a part of the rhythm nation
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Janet-jackson-rhythm-nation-lyrics

I fully admit that this song was a complete oversight for me — I can’t believe it took me this long to add it to Bastet’s masterlist. I just didn’t consider this classic until I heard it the other day, okay??

Anyway, much of Bastet’s masterlist has served as a collection of music-inspired… well, music, as a nod to her domain, with the occasional rallying or anthem-like lyrics. It’s a bonus if the song also has a great rhythm anyone could dance to, and this track clearly has everything mentioned and more going for it.



Track 20 || Run It – DJ Snake; Rick Ross; Rich Brian

I got a flight in the mornin'
I see what you been tryna do and I'ma mission abort it
You think I never pay attention, in my mind I'm recordin'
I'm bout to win and ruin all your goals and dreams out of boredom

Ridin' around with homies like we run the city, done it
Lookin' fresh and feelin' like a milli, money
Move in silence you can never hear me, comin'
If you got a problem when you see me
Run it
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Dj-snake-rick-ross-and-rich-brian-run-it-lyrics

One more track to add to Set and Sobek’s masterlist and round them out for this music run.

There isn’t much to add about this track that I haven’t expressed for the others in this post, but it shares similar qualities with the previously-mentioned tracks. A hard and loud rhythm, lyrics with boasting and taunting, a speaker looking for a good thrill — it’s a solid track for the two war gods, what more does it need?



Track 21 || The Killing Kind – Marianas Trench

I roam these halls, search the night
In hopes that I may see
A remnant trace, a glimpse of you
I stare into the deep
Saying I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I know my love can be
The deep stares back, speaks to me
I know my love can be the killing kind

What if I was wrong by never moving on?
I didn't realize who's gone
The ghost in me was true but you were haunted too just
Didn't see it all along
Nevermore to leave here, nevermore to leave here
You should never be here
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I know my love can be the killing kind
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Marianas-trench-the-killing-kind-lyrics

This was an interesting one, because I debated for a very long time whether or not this was worth adding to Yamm’s playlist. I finally caved after a few listens — and I do mean a few, with how long this 6-minute track is.

Yamm has a very possessive attitude that compliments his villainous role in the myths. So expressing obsessive feelings for his current “object” of affection — and the denial of losing said object — is scarily on point. The lyrics from this track reflect that quality from him, and along with the audio build-up and the multiple twists and shifts, it’s a very chilling sound that feels like a steep descent into madness.



Track 22 || True Seekers – Sleigh Bells

Everything, everything's tempting
You've got your DNR
Saw blades of grass spray-painted black
Just settle down for a minute
And I know you think I won't amount to shit
Lock in, narrow your eyes
And I know you think I won't amount to shit
Just walk on by [...]

This is gonna hurt, but it's worth it
True seekers might be damned
I remain forever loyal
I'll find my way out of the grave
Strip away, strip away
Strip away armor, strip away fear
I think I lost it, but here it comes again
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Sleigh-bells-true-seekers-lyrics

It took some time to figure out who this song might fit, but eventually I thought it would work well for Isis — and to a much lesser degree, Nephthys.

I’m a bit less confident with my interpretation for this song’s lyrics, but the above sample resonated with how I envisioned Isis and her determination throughout The Contendings — not only to help her son reclaim the throne from Set, but to recover Osiris’s body and to seek (and spread) the truth about what occurred.



Track 23 || U (English Version) – millennium parade; Belle

Stand up, the party's over here
Come one, come all, jump into the fire
Keep up, let go of your fears
Stand proud and tall, we will never grow tired
Line up, the party's right here
Come one, come all, let's follow the north star
Step in you are whatever you wanna be
You are free just like all of us are
Dance away a world you never loved from the start
It's our ride to the future, are you ready to depart?
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Millennium-parade-u-english-version-lyrics

Adding one more track to Bastet’s masterlist, this song quickly became a favorite for the quick-tempo rhythm alone, and fully won me over with the English lyrics.

It’s also definitely one of those songs I could see Bastet dancing to and/or singing for fun. It’s not a deep criteria, but it’s still a factor I like to keep in mind for certain songs that I add to her playlist.



Track 24 || Violent Delights – CHVRCHES

Had a dream your father died
I couldn't scream, I couldn't cry
The second night, I dreamt you drowned
You couldn't fight, you were not found

And these violent delights
Keep creeping into my nights
And they're reading my rites
And I'll never sleep alone again
And these violent delights
Keep bleeding into the light
And I'll never be right
But they'll never sleep alone again
When I'm gone
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Chvrches-violent-delights-lyrics

The last track that made the cut this run, and one that took me a long time to decide on. The title would make you think it’s suitable for one of the warrior gods, but after reviewing the lyrics and musical sound a bit more, I ended up giving this to Isis, in her shared mix with Nephthys.

For context, there are parts of Isis’s backstory that I haven’t fully explored or revealed in the project. Considering her experiences with the death of her husband, and the near-death of her son — on more than one occasion — I don’t doubt Isis may have hidden fears and trauma to work through, and some intrusive thoughts that would keep her up at night.



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