UPDATE || New Year Reflections for DEITIES Project

Teni’s Notes: This is a bit of an experimental blog post, in addition to being the first of the new year — so the format and content may be subject to changes.

Saying that 2021 was a challenging year would be an understatement, and it seems evident that the difficulties from 2020 had carried over and never quite ended.

I’ll spare a lengthy exposition of how exhausted I’ve felt this year — physically, mentally, and creatively. But like my other peers, I’m trying to remember to be kinder to myself, and to acknowledge the progress I did make — not least of which was returning to some tangible progress with my ongoing DEITIES Project and rekindling my own excitement for the project.

When I try to work on New Years reflections, I’ve struggled to summarize everything I’ve gotten to this year, and to pin down the goals I have for the next. Perhaps the best way to do this would be to condense my project-related goals in a post, and revisit any that are worth expanding throughout the year.

2021 Achievements for DEITIES Project

  • Finally finishing a color test for Serqet; I started her’s months earlier, then completed it once I had more energy to revisit digital art.



  • Started working on some concepts for Thoth’s revamped designed. As mentioned in the original tweet, I want to revisit his facial features like eye shape and glamour.
  • Soft-launching the new DEITIES Website with a new Introduction page, after several months of building the structure on and off. It’s not quite complete yet, but it’s live and functional.
  • Made a tumblr update announcing the website launch and progress, then running an askbox session — for the first time in a few years — to answer questions about the project and characters.
  • Completed work on some thumbnails with a friend for a potential collaboration. There isn’t much to share about this yet until we make more progress, but I can share this one rough thumbnail of Sobek without further context:
Let’s just say Sobek didn’t pull any punches in some preceding panels…
  • Migrated and refurbished many of the World-building notes onto the DEITIES site, while updating their layout and some of their content.


  • Created a revamped Characters page on the website for the DEITIES cast, then set up the first few characters profiles.
  • Set up a Playlists page for the website, to make the Spotify playlists for the DEITIES cast more accessible and easier to browse at a glance.
  • Updated most of the active playlists with new tracks and made some progress on Set and Sekhmet’s mix — which is still technically a WIP, but made public for the website.
  • Jotted down more notes and goals for DEITIES Project and started organizing them privately, to keep track of some milestones I’d like to gradually reach.

2022+ Goals for DEITIES Project

With last year’s achievements recorded for posterity, I’ll jot down some additional goals I have moving forward. However, I’ll record these goals with a giant disclaimer that they aren’t set in stone, nor are they in a particular order. They mostly serve as a glimpse of what’s on my radar for the project, but we’ll see which ones I’m able to complete between my other responsibilities, at least in the near future.

With this in mind, I have a few priority goals to help build the structure of the website, and to make more progress towards a formal launch:

  • Complete migrating and updating an FAQs pages to the website; this is technically next on my to-do list for DEITIES, but I may need to wait till after I complete other tasks outside of the project.
  • Complete most if not all of the remaining DEITIES profiles; even if it means keeping some with placeholder content, it’ll be good to give them all their own individual profile.
  • Replace the placeholder ‘Lorem ipsum’ areas in the project pages and notes;\ — mostly the caption areas, as well as some areas in the existing notes that need attention.
  • Some last bits of site optimization and visual adjustments, which I’ll revisit once other tasks are completed.

In between these goals for the website, I have others indulgent goals I’d like to get to, although I will pace myself with each of them in between my other personal tasks and responsibilities:

  • Update existing profiles with more content, particularly the “In Progress” areas; the “sealed” areas will be addressed at another time.
  • Work on more color tests — at least a tenth one so they can all be shared in a single tumblr post sometime, but hopefully working on updated color tests for the main cast as well.
  • World-building notes for certain divine creatures — namely the Amphisbaena, Akhekh, and Ahau [fighters] — as well as other DEITIES lore.
  • Some updated cover art for both the DEITIES Playlists and some of their profiles — which could mean new artwork or refurbished icons from existing art.
  • More new DEITIES Project artwork in general to share on tumblr, twitter and artfol — be it pencil or digital artwork.
  • Some other lofty goals I have in mind for the project and website, that will remained “Sealed” for the moment; I’ll revisit anymore worth adding or announcing further into the new year.

On a final note, creating a suggestion box of sorts is something I have in mind in addition to the FAQs page, but may take some time to structure on the website. In the meantime, anyone may feel free to leave a comment under this post with their thoughts or suggestions, or wait until the next askbox session on tumblr — I’d be curious to know if there’s anything others may be interested in seeing. Either way, here’s to us having a good and productive new year in 2022!

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