Hello [DEITIES] World — Placeholder Post

Teni’s Notes: Hi All! Feel free to disregard this post, it’s partially to add a first entry to the blog, and to also add a bunch of DEITIES tags so visitors don’t see a misleading “Page Not Found” message for all the characters 😂

I may update this with more content though, but for now here’s some meta data…

TAGS (ABC-Order)

NOTE: A good bulk of these tags are still empty, save for this placeholder post–


(This will fill up once I think of relevant categories)

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Hello everyone! I'm Teni / TeniCola, and I'm an illustrator and visual storyteller who recently completed her education as a visual designer and web developer. My WordPress.com presence is still in the works, but if you're looking for my other media accounts, you'll find them on my profile site -- https://tenicola.carrd.co

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